10:00 PM PST on Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

A pool of about 21 Riverside residents will be considered for nine seats on the city’s charter review committee, which will meet during 2011 and recommend changes to the city’s governing document.

City Clerk Colleen Nicol said she got 25 applications by Wednesday’s deadline, but three are ineligible because they sit on other city boards, and one was not a Riverside resident. She said she still will accept applications that were in the mail by the deadline, and her staff is verifying that the others are registered voters in the city.

Among the applicants are Cal State San Bernardino professor Montgomery Van Wart, real estate business owner Sharon Tyrrell, former councilwoman Maureen Kane, environmental attorney Michelle Ouellette and Ronald R. Redfern, publisher and CEO of The Press-Enterprise.

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