10:00 PM PST on Tuesday, December 14, 2010


What will Rod Pacheco do once he leaves office? Beer commercials! Roll ’em:

When he became DA, he tried to shut civil and family law courts, subjecting taxpayers to futile legal battles.

When he was defeated for re-election, he refused to congratulate or meet with the man who beat him.

On the verge of leaving public “service,” he gave his cronies jobs the financially ailing county had frozen.

Heaping more expense on taxpayers, he sued the county, claiming it illegally froze his positions.

He is … the most self-absorbed DA in the world.

“I don’t always think of what’s best for Riverside County taxpayers, but when I do, it never lasts long.

“Stay focused, my friends.”

DA ADD — Is Rod Pacheco getting a job with the LA law firm he hired to challenge RivCo’s job-freezing authority? That’s the rumor. But a Bingham McCutchen spokesman says it ain’t so. Nor has Pacheco landed a gig with Bingham Consulting Group, a separate entity in the law firm’s LA office. One Bingham Consulting honcho is ex-Gov. (and Pacheco pal) Pete Wilson.

LAST ADD — How much is Pacheco paying this firm and where’s the dough coming from? Rumor: Up to $40K in increments that don’t require county approval. From asset forfeiture funds. DA’s office didn’t call back.

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