Tuesday, December 14, 2010 – 06:45 p.m.
Last Updated: December 15, 2010 – 09:00 a.m.

The term ‘random’ just took on a new meaning when it comes to being a target.

Rancho Cucamonga Developer Jeffrey Burum, the ongoing favorite target of San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos, over a 2006 settlement between San Bernardino County and Colonies Partners, L.P., was recently treated to additional scrutiny.

This time the scrutiny was courtesy of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Burum, who is co-managing partner of the Colonies Partners, a partnership with 22 members, was the recipient of the ‘random’ IRS audit process.

However it doesn’t seem quite random.

Not only was Burum’s personal tax returns subject to review, but ‘random’ audits were also performed on Jeffrey S. Burum Enterprises, Colonies Partners, L.P., Diversified Pacific Development Group, Southern California Housing Development Corporation, and National Communities Renaissance (CORE).

Sources say simultaneous audits were initiated out of the Riverside IRS Center, the San Bernardino Small Business Office, and the Non-Profit Oversight Division.

All within a thirty-day period.

Something mathematically impossible under the ‘random’ audit process and likely a matter infringing on Burum’s civil rights.

The latter two entities are nationally recognized non-profits created by Burum to assist communities nationwide with the development of affordable housing and renovation of blighted areas.

Ramos has alleged that a $102 million settlement San Bernardino County paid Colonies was tainted by bribery and extortion.

Allegations, which Ramos has yet to prove.

Ramos has only charged two people in his alleged conspiracy complaint, but five others, including Burum, remain uncharged more than ten months after bringing his case forward in a media affair.

A superior court judge has already dismissed key charges core to the Ramos-driven fabrication and the remainder are likely headed for dismissal

It’s believed Ramos’ wild unsubstantiated allegations of millions of dollars in payoffs and political intrigue triggered the added scrutiny of Burum.

Discovery in the case reveals a Ramos informant said Burum was taking money from the non-profits.

The same informant also told Ramos’ investigators that former State Senator Jim Brulte, and Jim Erwin, former Chief of Staff to County Supervisor Neil Derry received $1 million each. The informant also said former Assessor Bill Postmus received an undisclosed sum.

Apparently none of it ever happened.

What a shock!

After a comprehensive review of all tax records, bank and other financial transactions, the IRS has cleared Burum on all audits.

A fact likely be of interest to federal investigators, who have had their eye on San Bernardino County and Ramos for some time now. A looming question here is whether or not Ramos was able to manipulate the IRS to go after Burum.

The actions of Ramos and others for nothing more than a political vendetta has damaged lives and reputations.

Some beyond repair.

Talk of prosecutorial abuse has now reared its ugly head and Ramos’ lead prosecutor in the Colonies case, Lewis Cope, is desperately seeking an immediate judicial appointment from Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a effort to escape his current assignment.