Sunday, December 5, 2010 – 09:15 a.m.

The actions of San Bernardino County’s outgoing county counsel, who’s last official day was this past Friday, seems to be conveying feelings about her departure that are somewhat different than her public statements.

It seems Ruth Stringer threw a little bash at the Time in a Bottle wine bar in Redlands last Thursday night.

A “by invitation only” drink-fest, where the food and drink was really flowing, late into the evening. All on Stringer’s dime.

What the heck, she might as well put some of that county largess she’s pocketing to work. Right?

Maybe this large get together was paid for from the vacation leave cash-out fund.

Anyways, it seems Stringers own feelings and actions contradict her public statement that she is retiring at a time of her own choosing.

Apparently county supervisors and their staffs, which she holds responsible for her forced departure, weren’t invited.

Darn…… And all that good wine.