10:00 PM PST on Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

PDF: Corona staff report and proposed policy on board appointments

Candidates for appointment to Corona city boards and commissions who have a felony conviction would be prohibited from serving, and sitting members convicted of a felony would have to immediately resign, according to a policy the City Council will consider Wednesday.

The vote will come two weeks to the day that the city administration and most of the council learned that Bob Livingston, chairman of the Planning Commission, pleaded guilty in 2009 to a federal charge of bank fraud. He admitted in court documents that he helped conceal a mortgage-fraud scheme perpetrated by others that netted him $250,000.

Livingston never informed the city about his plea, Assistant City Manager Greg Irvine said. Councilman Steve Nolan, who appointed Livingston in 2006, said he knew about the conviction and didn’t inform the city. Some members of the Corona Police Officers Association knew about it as well, and didn’t say anything until Detective Steve Sears revealed the guilty plea as part of a verbal attack on Nolan at the Nov. 17 council meeting.

While felons may not serve as elected officials, there are no state or city rules preventing someone from being appointed to or continue serving on Corona’s planning, parks or library boards after a felony conviction, according to a staff report.

The City Council, however, can remove any appointee with a majority vote.

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