Josh Dulaney, Staff Writer
Posted: 11/12/2010 07:38:20 PM PST

PDF document: Holtgreve civil suit

RIALTO – A strip club worker at the center of an alleged sex scandal involving police officers has filed a $500,000 lawsuit against the city and Police Chief Mark Kling.

Nancy Holtgreve, who describes herself as a bartender at the Spearmint Rhino in the lawsuit filed this week in San Bernardino Superior Court, alleges in the suit that she suffered emotional and physical abuse, and violations of her civil rights in the wake of her relationships with Rialto police officers, which she says frequently included sex with the officers while they were on duty.

The lawsuit includes allegations that an on-duty officer sent Holtgreve a photograph exposing himself while in uniform.

Holtgreve also says in the lawsuit that she “is informed and believes” Kling tolerated and fostered a culture of harassment in other police departments where he had been previously employed.

She alleges that while Kling was with the Monterey Park Police Department, he had sex on duty with more than one department employee, including a secretary.

Kling, who finished his career in Monterey Park as a police lieutenant, said he would not “air out” the allegations in the media.

“That’s what a court of law is for and I look forward to providing my input in a proper forum and it will be a legal forum,” Kling said. “Desperate people do desperate things, especially when it comes to money.”

Holtgreve says in the lawsuit that officers James Dobbs and Lamont Quarker were among a group of officers that visited the Spearmint Rhino while on duty. Holtgreve alleges that she and Dobbs started dating in late 2008 or early 2009 and had sex on several occasions at the Rialto Police Benefit Association’s union hall, where she says officers had sex with several women after pressuring them.

Dobbs allegedly is the officer that sent Holtgreve a photograph exposing himself.

Holtgreve says Dobbs introduced her to Quarker, a narcotics officer who pressured her to have sex at the department’s narcotics office.

Holtgreve says she became pregnant in July 2009 and realized that Dobbs had fathered her child.

Holtgreve says in her lawsuit that after she gave birth to a son in March, Dobbs began violent and threatening behavior toward her immediately, frequently while he was on duty, and “under color of authority.”

Eyewitnesses saw Dobbs hold down Holtgreve and slap her in her home, according to the lawsuit.

Because of Dobbs’ alleged abuse, Holtgreve was unable to express breast milk for her newborn child, according to the lawsuit.

Holtgreve has alleged since the scandal became public in July that Dobbs did not want their relationship to interfere with a child custody battle against his ex-wife.

Holtgreve claims in the lawsuit that she approached the Police Department because she feared for her safety.

She alleges that she spoke with a sergeant who mistakenly thought it was Dobbs’ ex-wife calling and attempted to talk her out of making a report.

She says she also went to Internal Affairs and that Dobbs continued to intimidate her.

Holtgreve alleges that someone tried to break into her Chino residence and that she continues to get hang-up calls at home.

The Police Department did nothing about the alleged intimidation and abuse, even though it promised Holtgreve on several occasions that she would be protected, according to the lawsuit.

According to the suit, Dobbs claimed to be engaged to Kling’s secretary, who is alleged to have illegally and in violation of department policy disclose confidential information about Holtgreve’s complaints to the department regarding Dobbs.

Holtgreve alleges she has suffered fear, stress, anxiety, humiliation, embarrassment and loss of income.

The Police Department failed in its duties to obey the laws of the land and protect the public, especially in a situation such as Holtgreve’s, according to the suit.

City Attorney Jimmy Gutierrez said he hasn’t analyzed the lawsuit, but based on an earlier claim that the city rejected, and his communication with Danuta W. Tuszynska, Holtgreve’s Riverside-based attorney, Holtgreve doesn’t have a case.

“The allegations of the complaint are very general,” he said. “They do nothing to advance our knowledge about the true circumstances, therefore at this time I have to believe there is no liability and we will defend the case aggressively. I continue to believe that there is not much to the claim and there’s no real damages.”

Tuszynska said in an e-mail Friday that the complaint is “very well drafted” and “establishes liability from the top to the bottom” of the Police Department.

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