Wednesday, November 10, 2010 – 9:28 a.m.

Is the District Attorney really calling the shots in the investigation involving activities at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC)?

The evidence is building, and it’s beginning to look more and more like the answer is “no”.

Confidential sources tell The Insider that federal agents were doing the questioning of hospital staff, not investigators for District Attorney Michael Ramos, as everyone is being led to believe.

Considering all of Ramos’ personal and professional issues, can anyone really blame the feds.

The level of seriousness of the ARMC investigation can be drawn from the line of questioning.

Sources tell The Insider the alleged conduct under investigation includes, but is not limited to; medical treatment of uncharted and unregistered patients who are public officials; the theft of public services; allegations of threats and intimidation of medical providers and staff; and allegations of abuse in the Department of Behavioral Health inpatient unit.

The buzz on this issue? Ramos dragged his feet on the whole ARMC matter until finally the feds had to step in.

Ramos, who has been accused of utilizing his office to lash out at his political enemies, has also worked tirelessly to protect those he views as allies.

Other sources say Ramos may have been out to protect one member of the board of supervisors in particular. Someone Ramos views as an ally.

The bias exhibited by the District Attorney has become so brazen a blind man could see it. Selectively prosecuting or ignoring transgressions based on who the person is.

Finally, someone has stepped in.