3,496,101                         3,518,918

45.7%                               46.0%

Saturday, November 6, 2010 – 12:01 p.m

The race between democrat Kamala Harris and republican Steve Cooley, two district attorneys, could officially take a couple weeks to decide.

The two are currently separated by 22,817 votes. The margin is the first lead Cooley has attained since election night.

With under 2 million provisional and late absentee ballots still likely to be counted, the contest is clearly still up in the air.

However, Cooley clearly has established a trend, and for now is widening his lead. Even as San Francisco and Los Angeles Counties add to their election night totals.

Since early Wednesday afternoon, Cooley has gained 45,116 votes or 0.6% on Harris.

One statistical advantage to Cooley is that the majority of ballots remaining to be counted fall in counties where Cooley beat Harris.