November 4th, 2010, 3:00 am · posted by Teri Sforza, Register staff writer

The compensation of Orange County Executive Tom Mauk has long been the sort of thing that sends rank-and-file county employees into tailspins. But when compared to other county execs in the Golden State, Mauk’s pay pales a bit.

While Mauk runs the third-most-populated county in California, he comes in at No. 13 on the list of most highly-paid county CEOs. His compensation totals $304,699, according to figures from the state controller’s office .

Coming in at No. 1 was Alameda County, whose exec had compensation of $520,855.

No. 2, predictably, was Los Angeles, where the exec got $423,740. (Mauk declined that job last year to stay with OC. Cue up “Who’s Sorry Now”….)

Similarly sized-and-situated San Diego paid its exec more – $343,935. See how the rest of California’s administrators ranked here: California’s county executives.

We had asked the county for a more complete compensation number than what the state controller is using in his post-Bell transparency quest. By that count, Mauk’s total was $359,908 — down 2.7 percent from last year’s $369,983. (See the county’s numbers here: Tom Mauk 2010 salary and benefits).

A great many of the executives running California’s 58 counties manage multi-billion-dollar organizations with thousands upon thousands of employees.

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