Wednesday, November 3, 2010 – 3:30 p.m.

It’s sad.

The San Bernardino County Safety Employees Benefit Association (SEBA), the union representing San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputies, suffered stinging blows at a high cost Tuesday night.

The union spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in two races that blew up in its face for one and one reason only.

It forgot how elections are won or lost.

The first blunder was their bid in supporting the reelection of two-term county supervisor Paul Biane. The union spent north of $200,000 in support of their candidate.

The only problem? Instead of attacking their candidates opponent, all that money was spent on postive fluffy feel good crap that left their guy dangling in the wind.

Moves that don’t win elections.

The result on this one? A narrow Biane lose of course!

The second screw-up was the money spent in supporting Chuck Buquet for election to the Rancho Cucamonga city council.

Once again, no negative campaigning here.

The result? A Buquet lose of course!

But it gets better.

Who is elected instead of Buquet? None other than Bill Alexander, the former Rancho Cucamonga mayor that SEBA spent hundreds of thousands of dollars ousting back in 2006.

The same Bill Alexander who wants Rancho Cucamonga to have its own police department on the streets, not sheriff’s deputies who are SEBA members.

What the hell? Six figures spent four years ago, now down the proverbial toilet, all for nothing.

Oh and by the way, guess how much Alexander spent on his highly successful campaign?

A whopping $1,000!

In other words, a big fat nothing.

The one rule in politics that always rings true is negative campaigning works. But if you can’t stomach it, then don’t play.

Play hard hardball to win or play nice and lose. Apparently the latter now applies to SEBA.

President Bill Abernathie and the union leadership need to rethink their tactics. If they can no longer handle playing hard ball politics, at the sole risk of bad press, then give the money back to the members.

What a joke.