On politics in the Golden State
October 29, 2010 | 4:06 pm

Democrats outnumber Republicans by more than 2.2 million in California, according to new figures released Friday by the secretary of state’s office.

The numbers show 44% of the state’s voters are registered Democrats; 31% are registered Republicans. More than 20% of the state’s voters declined to register with any political party. In all, more than 17.2 million Californians are registered to vote, up from just under 17 million Sept. 3.

Republicans are hoping a strong national tide and frustration with the Democratically controlled Congress and White House will help them overcome their statistical disadvantages on election day.

Republicans have mounted serious challenges to at least three Democratic House incumbents and Republican Carly Fiorina is locked in a hotly contested race with three-term incumbent Sen. Barbara Boxer.

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