James Rufus Koren, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/26/2010 06:03:29 PM PDT

Supervisorial candidate Janice Rutherford raised more campaign funds than incumbent Supervisor Paul Biane in the first half of this month, pulling together about $36,000 more then her opponent between Oct. 1 and Oct. 16.

Rutherford said her fundraising strength – she also raised more cash than Biane in July, August and September – is a good sign in the campaign’s final days.

“I take it as a sign that there is a great deal of enthusiasm and public support for change and reform in county government,” Rutherford said.

Chris Jones, Biane’s campaign manager, said it’s no surprise that Rutherford would raise more than Biane in the last month of the campaign because Rutherford started her campaign from scratch this year, while Biane had a flush campaign account coming into 2010.

“She had to raise a lot more,” Jones said. “We started with a much larger war chest. It makes sense that she would have to raise more money.”

And Biane himself still is raising lots of campaign cash. Between Oct. 1 and 16 – the dates of the most recent campaign finance filing period – his campaign raised $61,596 and took in a $10,000 loan from a campaign account belonging to state Sen. Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga.

And on Oct. 18, two days after the filing period ended, the San Bernardino County Safety Employees Benefit Association, the union representing sheriff’s deputies, donated $85,000 to Biane’s campaign. SEBA already had given Biane’s campaign a little more than $63,000 this year, bringing the union’s total contributions to $148,005.81.

SEBA president Bill Abernathie said Biane has “been there” for SEBA members and has been supportive of public safety generally.

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