Tuesday, October 26, 1010 – 05:16 a.m.

Just as previously forecast, dark clouds are closing in on San Bernardino County’s budget.

InlandPolitics.com has learned San Bernardino County’s current fiscal year budget deficit may have actually grown from the previously projected $90 million-plus figure to somewhere in the area of $130-$160 million.

An amount that most certainly will involve deeper budget cuts with pretty much no magic tricks left in the bag.

Like I have said before. Expect layoffs.

With property and sales revenues continuing to falter, San Bernardino County is now forced to make permanent cuts to its ongoing expenses.

The largest ongoing expense is employee wages and benefits.

The single most problematic issue facing county administrative officer Greg Devereaux and the board of supervisors is the escalation in the county’s contribution to its pension fund.

An amount which is expected to double next fiscal year, and increase by another fifty-percent the following year to a figure upwards of $90 million.

County supervisors are expected to receive a public briefing soon.