Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/24/2010 03:09:50 PM PDT

GRAND TERRACE – Sally McGuire and Darcy McNaboe did not break conflict-of-interest laws by serving with the Chamber of Commerce while running for city office, the state Fair Political Practices Commission has determined.

Sylvia Robles, who is running against McNaboe for a City Council seat, alleged in part that by appearing in the chamber newsletter, they violated a section of the Political Reform Act that generally forbids taxpayer-funded mass mailings from referencing officials affiliated with the publication.

In a letter sent Oct. 19, the FPPC dismissed this and Robles’ other charges in part because McGuire and McNaboe are not elected officials.

McGuire, a mayoral candidate, is president of the chamber. McNaboe sits on its board of directors.

The newsletter, supported through ads and occasional profits from community events, recently received a mail permit separate from the city’s, according to Wayne Whipple, secretary and treasurer. The chamber’s contract shows that the city pays $10,320 a year to support other chamber activities.

McNaboe said the letter was good news for the city and its volunteers.

“We should be rewarding our community volunteers,” she wrote in an e-mail. “We should be discussing issues with each other, not creating an environment where people are reluctant to contribute their time and energy by filing complaints without having all of the relevant facts.”

Robles said the letter missed the core of her complaint and that she will clarify that in follow-up complaints she plans to file.

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