Monday, October 25, 2010 – 6:00 a.m.

More taxes?

No thank you!

The Redlands city council would like residents to take them off the hook from making more tough choices.

City leaders, who have already made some hard budget cuts, still need to go further. And raising taxes is not the answer.

California residents are some of the highest taxed in the nation, and local governments are a main contributor to the problem.

Local governments and school districts, who continually have their hands out, usually want more money by way of new sales, property and other tax assessments.

Kind of like a mouse wanting more and more cheese.

Pushing the sales tax rate in Redlands closer to 10% is absolutely ridiculous.

Redlands is slowly developing a successful business district with a vibrant night life. More focus needs to go in this area. But raising taxes in a flagging economy isn’t the answer.

The city factoring the passage of Measure ‘A’ into its current fiscal year budget wasn’t too bright.

Expect a rejection here by voters.