Thursday, October 21, 2010 – 09:45 a.m.

I never thought I would be saying Larry Walker and hard ball politics in the same sentence.

But it seems Walker has decided to play.

The long-anticipated move of Matt Brown, former chief of staff to second district supervisor Paul Biane, from the position of Assistant Recorder to Assistant Auditor-Controller, would appear to signal Walker is now started playing the political game.

Even though Walker denied it. The ouster of former Assistant Auditor-Controller Betsy Starbuck was indeed to make way for Brown.

Brown, who has no clue or experience in what his new position involves, is clearly there for political capital.

It’s kind of ironic that yesterday the California Attorney General argued to a jury in a San Bernardino courtroom in an attempt to convict a man over being an alleged politically-appointed hire.

It’ll be interesting to see if local newspapers swallow their pens on this clearly “unqualified” appointment.

Brown’s apparent and on-going medaling in his former boss’ election can’t be making too many people in the government center happy, and Walker must know that.

Hey, but Walker is safe for another four years, and whenever Brown causes him grief, so what?

Brown does have a history of stirring the pot though.

Back in 2005-06, Brown and his wife spent countless hours researching documents that showed former third district supervisor Dennis Hansberger voted on contracts to give his former girlfriends business $18 million in county funding.

That “opposition research” was turned over to Orange County political operative David Ellis, who was able to generate a expanded story in the Los Angeles Times.

Ellis’ friend, Times reporter Gil Reza, did a masterful writing job.

The research and related articles were used to help defeat Hansberger in 2008.

However, I am curious as to the method those five-year old Biane legal documents were procured.