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Posted By: Carolyn Lochhead | October 19 2010 at 08:41 AM

As promised to our intrepid Joe Garofoli, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has unloaded an estimated $1.25 million in new ads aiming to knock out incumbent Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer and Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Jerry Brown.

Four of the five ads go after Boxer on water, spending, taxes and jobs; one unearths the hoary 1992 House bank scandal when Boxer was among the top 24 offenders who bounced rubber checks. Boxer wrote 143 bad checks for $41,417 over a three-year period. She broke no laws but the scandal was the start of a GOP resurgence.

The new ads are up in Los Angeles — where they target Boxer for being spendthrift — and Fresno, Bakersfield and Sacramento, where topic A is water.

A fourth ad clobbers Brown with one of his own quotes, saying “I don’t do much these days except sue people.”

Boxer challenger Carly Fiorina was herself clobbered in the unlikely quarter called Fox News Sunday for not being specific enough about where she would cut spending. Fiorina said she would target waste, but has refused like most GOP candidates to say what specifically that is, which is the crux of the thing. Fiorina contends before taking on entitlements, Washington shouldn’t “breeze by” government waste. Fair enough, but she’s ruled out defense and the Bush tax cuts, so even tons of waste doesn’t get you far.

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