Candidate Wilson decides to cancel scheduled event
Ryan Hagen, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/17/2010 08:18:04 PM PDT

GRAND TERRACE – In a campaign season that has seen accusations of illegal behavior and contradictory views of what’s best for the city, there will be one time City Hall is free of arguments between mayoral candidates: Oct. 25, when Doug Wilson booked it for a debate.

Wilson, one of four candidates for mayor, said the usual candidates forum hosted by the Chamber of Commerce would be too limiting, especially since the person he sees as his main opponent – Councilman Walt Stanckiewitz – will not attend the forum.

When candidate Sally McGuire, president of the Chamber of Commerce, also said she would skip the debate, Wilson called it off.

“(Stanckiewitz’s) decision is a confusing about-face given the lecture he delivered to a July 13 council audience where he challenged citizens to `stay involved, participate and listen to what’s going on,”‘ Wilson wrote in a news release. “Apparently public discussion of the issues with the public in attendance is no longer an option.”

Stanckiewitz said he had already agreed to meet with some residents in their house at 6 p.m., the proposed debate time.

“I can’t believe he wants to talk about issues six days before the election,” Stanckiewitz said. “People know what my message is, what I think the issues are. If he needs to discuss the issues, then he’d better get going.”

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