10:31 PM PDT on Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

Attracting new businesses to town and supporting existing establishments are key issues in the race for two seats on the Yucaipa City Council.

The incumbents, Allan Drusys and Tom Masner, are up against challengers Bobby Duncan Sr., Greg Bogh and Gregory Miner. A sixth candidate, Richard Frost, announced Friday he is dropping out of the race, although his name will still appear on the ballot. Frost said in a brief statement that he supports the incumbents.

The election is Nov. 2.

Duncan said he is running “because the City Council does not have any active business experience. … Not one of them has ever had to make a payroll out of their own money.”

Duncan owns a business in Yucaipa.

“I want to be the voice of the local business people,” he said, adding that some decisions made by the council have not been pro-business.

Bogh said his priority is to work with the local Chamber of Commerce to fill the vacancies on Yucaipa Boulevard. He said city representatives need to recruit new business.

Bogh is a business manager in real estate and his wife is a past president of the chamber. He described himself as a small-business supporter.

Miner, a pipe salesman, said one of his priorities would be to attract businesses to Yucaipa and support existing businesses. “The city continues to do projects that inhibit traffic to small businesses,” he said.

He said tax incentives and fewer restrictions could attract business.

Masner agreed that Yucaipa is not as business friendly as it can be and that the city has too many regulations and ordinances. He said if re-elected he would continue to work at getting Yucaipa in a position where businesses can thrive and be successful.

Masner and Drusys each said they are running for re-election because people asked them to.

Drusys said: “I think that there is still something I can give to the city and the process. No. 1 is helping in some fashion to guide the city through the continued trying economic times.”

Drusys, a public health veterinarian, said if he remains on the council he will continue to work on the items he’s been working on, including city finances and waste management.

Miner disagrees with the city’s recent decision to build roundabouts — circular intersections — in Uptown in an effort to revitalize the older area. He said roundabouts become a traffic nuisance.

Drusys said that during a field trip to La Jolla, the business people couldn’t say enough good things about the roundabouts on their street.

“We need to do something with the Uptown area to bring it along,” Drusys said.

Miner, 34, said he would be a voice of the younger generations in Yucaipa.

“We need a younger voice and if nothing else a new voice on City Council,” he said.

Bogh also believes the council needs new members. When asked what he would add to the council he said, “I’m younger and I do have young kids.”

Bogh is 37, Drusys 61, Duncan 56 and Masner 60.

Drusys is finishing up his fourth term, Masner his third.

Drusys said voters should elect him to another term “because I think I’ve done quite a reasonable job and am capable of meeting the challenges of the next four years.”

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