Monday, October 18, 2010 – 09:45 a.m.

Well, it didn’t take long for three of the four local newspapers to relapse into their old ways.

Saturdays reporting of events transpiring in the preliminary hearing of former San Bernardino County Assessor Bill Postmus and Taxpayer Advocate Gregory Eyler once again begged a question.

The question? Were the reporters even in the room?

Here is the stories in each publication: The Sun/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin / The Press-Enterprise / The Daily Press

The Daily Press actually took the time to lay out what actually occurred in the hearing, which didn’t go well for prosecutors.

And it’s just getting started.

The Sun/Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reporter Joe Nelson generally did nothing more than cut and paste segments from his recent story on the Gutierrez trial. Press-Enterprise reporter Imran Ghori, who is not known for time-intensive story writing, is mostly handicapped by the papers gradually shrinking focus on San Bernardino County.

Nevertheless, San Bernardino County’s two main papers should know better.

Unfortunately both papers have fully invested themselves on the side of San Bernardino District Attorney Mike Ramos. They fell for the “We are the prosecutors. If we say it happened, it did.” line.

After all, corruption sells. Even if it really never happened.

About a week ago, one of the local reporters whose name will go unmentioned, when referring to the Colonies conspiracy prosecution, told me he knew the District Attorney had no case.

Actually, all of the alleged conspiracy cases are becoming problematic, and the Press-Enterprise and The Sun/Daily Bulletin know as much.

They just can’t bring themselves to account for all of their defendant bashing.

Both papers even have “Special Corruption Probe” sections on their websites.

You better get ready to change those sections to read “San Bernardino County DA Probe”.