Chantal M. Lovell, Staff Writer
Posted: 10/09/2010 09:38:53 PM PDT

REDLANDS – Candidates running for the three open seats on the City Council in November filed their campaign expenditure statements with the city clerk this week, disclosing funds raised and spent.

The reports cover the most recent quarter, from July 1 to Sept. 30, and show some candidates leading in contributions, others making large expenditures and others trying to live by personal pledges.

Paul Foster raised the most money, a total of $35,182 in contributions this year. Following him is Jon Harrison, who raised more than $24,000.

Foster and Harrison are the only two candidates who raised money prior to July 1 and were among the first to file their nomination papers to run for City Council.

They said fiscal contributions show support, trust and the community’s desire to see them elected.

“The people that contribute want people on the City Council that are open to hearing all sides of an issue,” Harrison said. “Many of these groups have contributed to me at equal levels in the past, and they’re not asking for favors, they’re just asking for fairness at the council. It shows that they respect I can provide that fairness in my deliberations.”

Foster said just because a candidate has raised money does not mean special interests are involved.

“The majority of my donations have come from average citizens giving $99 to $500,” Foster said. “Yes, I’ve had some large contributions, but not many of them. I’ve had some as small as $10. I’m proud of every contribution I receive because those people have faith in me. They’re supporting me and my ability to run an effective campaign, and I’m proud of that.”

Doug Pew followed them in money raised and collected more than $17,500, with $3,000 of that in loans. Nancy Ruth White has raised more than $17,000, $15,000 of which is loans.

Pat Gilbreath, Bob Gardner, Mike Layne and Mike Saifie follow. Saifie reported nothing raised but said he gave his campaign $190 from his own pocket.

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