Darcel Woods

Point of View

Darcel Woods
Posted: 10/07/2010 07:37:03 PM PDT

The next representative of the 59th District to the California State Assembly will have a great opportunity to be part of the solution to getting California back on track to prosperity.

The “politics as usual” theme in Sacramento has not served us well.

We have to set aside the old politics and make the hard decisions to once and for all solve our state budget crisis. Hard decisions and sacrifice that we make now will allow us to once again be the Golden State we know we can be.

It is shameful that our state elected officials have created a $19billion budget deficit. Solving this crisis will not be easy.

There are no simple solutions. But we can and must, solve this critical issue so that we as Californians can move forward to a brighter, more secure future. Since 2003, instead of making the tough decisions early on, the “politics as usual” crew chose to kick the can down the road year after year, leaving the mess for someone else to fix. Our budget crisis will not fix itself by osmosis. We’ve faced that reality as the taxpayers. It’s time we have legislative leadership that will face the dire nature of this reality unflinchingly; not looking away until we have gotten down to the business of finally solving this issue. No more smoke and mirrors.

No more funny math. Californians are demanding leadership where partisan bickering is halted and the tradition of late budgets ceases.

My parents taught me not to spend what I didn’t have, to save for a rainy day and to pay my bills on time. Throughout the 59th Assembly District good, hard-working families and solid business owners balance their budgets successfully every month, even in the toughest of times. But somehow our state politicians refuse to do the same.

Instead of helping small businesses thrive, they smother them with more regulations. Instead of helping working Californians, they dig us deeper in debt with higher taxes. The current legislators have managed to separate us from our core values and beliefs. I say, enough already!

I know there are no simple solutions. However, I believe that our common sense and the values we share will guide us to a more stable and secure future with the right legislative leadership.

As your Assembly member, I will demand that the state open up the “books” for all Californians to see. We deserve to see the real numbers; debts and revenues. Then with your input, we can make informed common-sense choices as to how we want to go about resolving our fiscal crisis once and for all. If it means new taxes, you will decide what will be taxed and how those taxes are utilized toward bringing down our $19billion debt. I have said it before and I will say it again. No new taxes without voter approval.

We have to get back to creating jobs and in the 59th that means restoring our once thriving small business communities. We know that small business is the heartbeat of our employment sector in the 59th. As your Assembly member, I will advocate for more incentives, fewer regulations and lower taxes for our small businesses so that you can create jobs that get people back to work.

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