Tuesday, October 5, 2010 – 01:10 p.m.

It sure didn’t take long for Matt Brown, former chief of staff to county supervisor Paul Biane, to start in on his former boss.

Today Brown was observed in a cozy lunch meeting with Fontana city council member Janice Rutherford at the Black Angus Restaurant in San Bernardino.

Brown obviously can’t resist the temptation to try and help oust Biane, who faces Rutherford in a November runoff.

Approximately three months ago Brown made allegations he was being subjected to a hostile work environment for cooperating in a multi-year investigation into San Bernardino County government by District Attorney Mike Ramos and Attorney General Jerry Brown.


Brown, who always had a career goal to land a long-term high paying position, did just that. He landed a job as Assistant Recorder for Larry Walker.

A position that kept Brown with his compensation package of $230,000.

Brown subsequently dropped his harassment claim.