Monday, September 27, 2010 – 9:20 p.m.
Last Updated: September 28, 2010 – 1:20 p.m.

On Monday night Yucaipa city government was at its best.

The matter involving a controversial Spanish-language radio tower took on an increasingly ugly tone, with allegations and daggers being hurled by various interests, including Mayor Dick Riddell.

The players present. Redlands Attorney John Mirau, representatives from Riverside-based O’Reilly Public Relations, Chas Kelly,  a field representative for county supervisor Neil Derry, plus a handful of sign carriers of Anglo-descent.

Two weeks ago, it was more of a Latino-origin crowd voicing support for the radio station.

However while bashing Bob Roberts, another representative, from the dais, a smirking Riddell said the matter isn’t racial.

But by the way the city and other certain interests are acting, you would think speakers were being erected on a tower overlooking the city and mariachi music was going to be blasted across the canyon twenty-four hours a day.

Mirau, who has no problem looking like an jerk, took a shot at John DeFazio, a paid representative for Lazer Broadcasting. Mirau made light of Defazio being charged with perjury in District Attorney Mike Ramos’ failing ongoing corruption investigation.

The fact that Mirau, who accompanied employees of corruption target John Doe #3 to the meeting, was attacking another corruption target is damn hilarious to say the least.

But not beneath a man like Mirau.

I doubt they realized how it would appear.

Mayor Riddell insists thousands of residents oppose the tower project. However, it seemed like only ten or so people appeared at tonight’s meeting in opposition.

Some residents, some not.

Sources say this racial fiasco isn’t sitting well with members of the county board of supervisors, who frankly don’t understand the problem here. It’s a 46-foot radio transmission tower next to a hillside and out of public view. But, by the way the leaders of Hicks-ville are behaving, one would think the Mexican Consulate was being constructed.

Flag and all.

The Lazer Broadcasting application is scheduled to be taken up by the county planning commission in October, with instructions to deny per staff.

Afterwards the denial will be appealed to county supervisors, who will have final say on the matter.

Expect litigation against the county by January, should the second application once again be denied.

Only this time the applicant will use the county’s own staff against them.

A situation that only San Bernardino County can create.

This issue is about Liberman Braodcasting, a Lazer competitor, throwing money around. Not keeping the pristine view of a hillside that no one can see. Does anyone actually believe Mirau and O’Reilly are showing up out of their concern for the environment?