Pastor Raymond W. Turner
Posted: 09/26/2010 07:42:05 PM PDT

Measure C, on the Nov. 2 ballot, is a simple change to the San Bernardino City Charter which will have significant, positive effects on the future of our city.

Measure C is the direct result of a citizens’ effort to turn San Bernardino around. We, and other ordinary citizens, crafted Measure C and a majority of the City Council, recognizing the wisdom of Measure C, voted to put the measure before the voters.

Why did we sponsor Measure C? For one very simple reason: San Bernardino government doesn’t work effectively, and it’s time to fix it! Just look around and you will see that San Bernardino is a city suffering a steep decline. Blight is everywhere, businesses close, houses get boarded up or abandoned, and our once proud city just gets worse and worse.

Meanwhile, millions of taxpayer dollars get wasted by politicians who are sucking up to special interests, instead of going to improve the city. This is not new; it’s been going on for decades, and no matter who gets elected, San Bernardino continues to slide into the muck, because our current system of government does not work.

Just look at what is happening all around us, in Fontana, Rancho Cucamonga, Redlands, Highland and Riverside. Look at how they are progressing while we are still operating in the dark ages. Even before this recent recession, these cities prospered, grew, and got more attractive, while San Bernardino declined. What makes San Bernardino different? Why can’t our city share in the prosperity the rest of our region enjoys?

There is one simple answer: San Bernardino has too many politicians and too few professional managers running the city. San Bernardino has the highest number of elected offices of any city in California; more than Los Angeles, more than San Francisco, more than San Diego. The result is staring us in the face and haunting our city – the political infighting that you see on TV and read about every day. Our city government is deadlocked, and taxpayer money is wasted as San Bernardino continues to deteriorate.

It’s time to fix this mess. We need professional managers who are recommended by the mayor and approved by the City Council working to improve San Bernardino, instead of politicians who spend a disproportionate amount of their time worrying about the next election, and cozying up to the special interests who finance their campaigns.

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