Friday, September 3, 2010 – 6:00 pm

Sources tell InlandPolitics.com that things blew up Thursday night at a meeting of the governing board of the Colorado River Medical Center (CRMC) in Needles.

The topic?

The contract for fired San Bernardino County administrative officer Mark Uffer.

Until last night Uffer did have a tentative agreement to become the facilities chief executive officer.

But things may have changed.

It seems the board, with six of seven members present, questioned the “level” of power Uffer’s employment agreement gave him. That “level” in writing appeared to be “full” autonomy.

Something a power-hungry guy like Uffer relishes.

Well, as can be expected the questioning of the agreement pissed off Uffer and as you can imagine things unraveled from there.

Uffer reportedly yelled at the board and his contract went down on a 3-3 vote.

The blog is being told the absent board member would have likely voted for the deal. But Uffer’s continued outburst after the vote may have lost him the support of another board member.

Of note, sources say Uffer has told some people in Needles the reason for his firing at San Bernardino County, was due to his opposition to the county assisting CRMC, and thus he lost the support of First District Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt.

Uffer also blamed Third District Supervisor Neil Derry for being the the swing decision-maker on a 3-2 margin to terminate him.

Hasn’t Uffer previously said his departure was because of his “whistle-blowing” activities?

But now it’s CRMC and Mitzelfelt.

It doesn’t appear San Bernardino County will have any problem defending Uffer’s lawsuit at this point.