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Money and Politics

August 31, 2010 | Chase Davis

Sitting members of the California Legislature have raised more than $380,000 during the last five days, as lobbyists and special interest groups scramble to push their bills through the Assembly and Senate before this year’s legislative session draws to a close.

Before we dig in deeper later this week, we thought we’d show you how things are stacking up.

The Western Manufactured Housing Communities Association, which is pushing a slate of bills related to mobile homes and property taxes, has contributed the most, giving $22,700 to nine different lawmakers on both sides of the aisle.

The Consumer Attorneys of California, which backed legislation that would streamline jury trials as well as several other bills, gave more than $14,000.

Groups representing telecommunications, insurance companies, doctors and pharmaceutical companies round out the top of the list, which you can see here as a Google spreadsheet. The biggest donors are listed below:

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