August 13, 2010 8:59 AM
Natasha Lindstrom

SAN BERNARDINO • A judge Thursday postponed the preliminary hearing for former San Bernardino County Assessor Bill Postmus and his former aide Greg Eyler after prosecutors entered new information into court records to support their corruption case.

The case is part of a far-reaching corruption probe triggered by a civil grand jury investigation into the Assessor’s office that began in 2007.

Postmus and Eyler are accused of several felonies related to conducting personal and political matters on county time, spending public funds for personal use and committing time card fraud while Postmus served as county Assessor.

The co-defendants’ preliminary hearing, from which the judge will decide if there’s enough evidence to go to trial, was continued until Sept. 23 after Judge Michael Dest said the defense asked for more time to review new records presented by the district attorney.

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