Thursday, August 12, 1010 – 10:00 am

Well what do you know.

California Attorney General Jerry Brown announced yesterday that his office is teaming up with Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley’s office in investigating the salary and pension scandal in the City of Bell.

Truly an epiphany on Brown’s part.

We’ve previously discussed on this blog how such an investigation is under Cooley’s jurisdiction. And Cooley was already investigating Bell when Brown ran him over with his campaign’s free press brigade.

Sources aren’t sure if Cooley has been able to remove Brown’s footprints from his back as of yet.

I almost forgot. If you missed it, Brown is the democratic nominee for California governor, who will face republican Meg Whitman in November.

Cooley is the republican nominee for Attorney General and faces democratic nominee San Francisco County District Attorney Kamala Harris.

It’s a tight race, and Brown who lacks financial resources has been blazing a trail of press conferences using his office of Attorney General.

Take a look at Brown’s official state website press releases and you’ll get the idea.

How many press releases year-to-date?


How many press releases on Brown’s campaign website?


I wonder who’s going to be the lead spokesperson on the Bell investigation?

Brown or Cooley?