Monday, August 9, 2010 – 9:50 am

Stop the presses!

The Office of the Democratic Candidate for Governor has scheduled a press conference for this morning in Los Angeles.

I’m sorry. I meant Office of the Attorney General.

Yes. Once again we are to bear witness to another round of “righteous indignation” courtesy of Attorney General and Democratic Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown.

Another tug by Brown in his wrestling match with Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley as to who is really in-charge here.

Does anyone believe these two men have ever spoken about this matter? It doesn’t seem like it.

Today, Brown is going to announce further developments in his offices investigation into the salary situation in the City of Bell. He’s even going to unveil an “800-number” so residents can report incidents of voter fraud.


Hmmm… Isn’t Cooley’s office investigating this aspect? But then again, Cooley is a republican campaigning for Brown’s current job of Attorney General, and Brown is a democrat running for Governor.

Maybe Brown has decided Cooley is more of a shoe-in for AG than democratic San Francisco District Attorney Kamala Harris and therefore Cooley doesn’t need the spot light.

Cooley has made only limited comments on the Bell investigation. After all it is ongoing.

One things for certain.

Brown’s gonna keep ringing that “Bell” until it falls down.