Sunday, August 8, 2010 – 11:20 am

The city of San Bernardino government can never seem to get out of its own way.

True to form, while the city financially sinks like the S.S. Titanic into the Atlantic, all the politicians care about is stabbing each other in the back, one upmanship and game playing.

The word subterfuge comes to mind.

All bear responsibility. Yes all of the city council, the mayor and city attorney,

Disgraceful and shameful.

Here’s the honor roll. City council members Virginia Marquez, Jason Desjardins, Chas Kelly, Tobin Brinker, Wendy McCammack, Fred Shorett, Rikke Van Johnson, Mayor Patrick Morris and City Attorney James Penman.

No one escapes this disaster of a city.

From dropping dimes on each other, committing verbal assaults, the four-to-three coalitions, Morris pulling the puppet strings, the settling of scores, vendettas using the city charter as a weapon, the three-ring circus goes on and on……

Yes, council meetings that drone on for hours, filled with entertaining but otherwise sad conduct. It’s televised as well.

The sad part about it?

They don’t care.

Digging that knife in, is above all else. Even a municipal bankruptcy.

City Manager Charles McNeely hasn’t come close to understanding the municipalities financial structure.

Ideas like raising user rates at the city-owned water and refuge operations to leverage more money from residents into the city’s general fund are a non-starter, in addition to being illegal.

Using the Economic Development Agency as a piggy bank is another mistake.

At the moment McNeely seems more about pleasing the mayor. He’ll be the fall guy when things really go bad. The downside of a strong mayor form of government.

Maybe it’s time to change the city seal to a knife in the back with the motto “Politics above all”.