AV, Barstow, MWA shoulder portion too
August 04, 2010 5:42 PM
Brooke Edwards

HESPERIA • Robert Rizzo worked for Hesperia for just four years nearly two decades ago. But now that he was forced to resign as city manager for Bell amid a scandal over his massive salary, Hesperia is on the hook for roughly $80,000 of Rizzo’s expected $600,000 annual pension, according to Daily Press estimates.

Rancho Cucamonga will pay an estimated $160,000 annually for the eight years Rizzo served there before coming to Hesperia.

And the remaining 60 percent or so of Rizzo’s record-setting pension will also be spread among Hesperia and its water district, Apple Valley and its Fire Protection District, Mojave Water Agency, the City of Barstow and 167 other small cities and districts in the same public retirement pool as the city of Bell.

“We’re haven’t finished our analysis yet,” said Ed Fong, spokesman for the state’s public employee retirement system CalPERS, with details on Rizzo’s precise pension not calculated or made public until he officially retires. However Fong said it appears the impact to other agencies in Bell’s retirement pool will be “negligible.”

Rizzo was prompted to resign from his post as Bell’s city manager last week, after the Los Angeles Times made his $787,637 salary public and outrage ensued.

By comparison, current Hesperia City Manager Mike Podegracz makes $207,000 to oversee a city twice as large as Bell, Jim Cox makes nearly $250,000 to lead Victorville and President Barack Obama makes $400,000.

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