Voter ballot guide to include message
Jesse B. Gill, Staff Writer
Posted: 08/01/2010 02:21:13 PM PDT

REDLANDS – The City Council hopes the need to maintain city infrastructure will be enough to convince voters to pass a half-cent tax in November.

The council selected Mayor Pro Tem Jerry Bean and Councilman Pete Aguilar on Thursday to write a 750-word argument that will appear in the 2010 Voter Information Guide. Bean said the need for infrastructure maintenance and improvements could factor heavily into the argument.

“A good majority of this money will go to improve infrastructure in Redlands,” Bean said. “Over the 10 years, half of it goes to road and street repair.”

The agenda for Tuesday’s council meeting includes an item calling for a discussion on the written argument, but the council handled the item during a meeting Thursday.

Bean noted that almost 59percent of residents who participated in a March poll said they would support a new sales tax to fund certain city services.

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