Jesse B. Gill, Staff Writer
Posted: 08/01/2010 02:24:10 PM PDT

REDLANDS – The City Council could approve a plan Tuesday that involves two cities, the mining activities of two cement companies and at least 1,190 square feet in the Santa Ana River Wash.

The council is set to vote on six different conditional use permits that would allow Robertson’s Ready Mix and Cemex Construction Materials to expand their mining operations in the Santa Ana River Wash at the north end of the city.

The land involved in the plan covers ground in Redlands and in Highland, and Highland ceded authority of the project to Redlands.

The conditional use permits cover operations of six mines located in the river wash that lie in Highland and Redlands city limits.

The Planning Commission unanimously approved the project – and all of its associated conditional use permits – June 8. Commissioner Carol Dyer spoke highly of the project Friday, saying it is a collaborative effort between businesses, cities an public agencies that could result in a “win-win” situation for all parties involved.

“It’s forward-thinking, it’s a cooperation between businesses to provide resources for the future if we ever start building again,” Dyer said.

The plan includes new trails along Alabama and Orange streets.

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