Sunday, August 1, 2010 – 01:05 pm

Could fallout be starting to emerge from the unexpected death of real estate development executive David Lewis?

Fallout, which I’m sure will last for some time

For a family that is said to totally engulfed in the development business, the situation is now described as tense. Extreme effort is being made to quell the circumstances surrounding David Lewis’ death.

However, it is becoming wide-spread knowledge that Randall Lewis, David Lewis’ uncle and executive vice president of the Lewis Group of Companies had fired David approximately three weeks prior to his suicide. The reason for his dismissal is not known.

David held the position of vice president in the family business.

David’s father, Richard Lewis, is described as being very upset at the situation. Insiders describe the tension between the brothers Randall and Richard as high.

I’m sure that words cannot describe the loss of one’s son.

Reports also indicate Richard may desire to exit the business. He currently holds the position as president of the company’s California Division.

Insiders also tell InlandPolitics that Ralph and Goldy Lewis, founders of the company, granted Randall Lewis controlling veto power on all business affairs after their deaths.

It is those business affairs that have apparently engulfed the family to the extent that people with knowledge say morning breakfasts, family outings, and vacations were consumed by business agendas.

Randall Lewis is said to be all about control. Control above all else.

Described as a micro-manager obsessed with success to the extent of destroying all competition, Randall Lewis is reported to have been upset with David Lewis’ repeated attempts at mending relationships their business tactics had damaged.

David Lewis had successfully become the public face of the vibrant $1.5 billion company, at least in its California operations.

Handsome, intelligent and articulate, David was the primary ambassador along side his uncle.