Saturday, July 24, 2010 – 05:00 pm

From District Attorney investigators recently pulling time card records of at least one current high-profile County Government Center employee, to pre-election day cover-ups, to intrigue surrounding the Public Defender’s office disqualifying itself in the conspiracy case involving former Assessor Bill Postmus, things are about to start stirring in San Bernardino County political and legal circles.

Much is happening these days.

Public Defender Doreen Boxer is now confirmed by multiple sources to be on her way out. Reportedly, Boxer’s departure was not initiated until after the June election. Apparently, so as not to cause a public issue for District Attorney Michael Ramos’ reelection campaign.

Why? Boxer was one of Ramos’ numerous current and past trysts.

In Sacramento, rumors are swirling that an investigation of McGuire Brothers Enterprises, a local bail bond agent, by the San Bernardino County Sheriff and State Department of Insurance may now involve allegations of Ramos looking the other way for a political benefactor.

The investigation involves criminal violations of state law.

Records of McGuire were seized by search warrant nine days ago.

Yes, cover-up is alive and well in San Berdoo County.

From bogus political prosecutions to ignoring criminal misconduct, the practice of give and take here remains unchecked. The phrase “looking the other way” can also apply here.

Why deal with correcting problems, when it’s more advantageous to make them go away?

All in the cause of avoiding bad press.

Stay tuned. More blanks to be filled in here.

Things are about to get lively.