Almost six months ago, on two seperate occasions, local private criminal attorney’s personally approached San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos with a complaint.

What was done about the complaints to Ramos? Nothing.

Why? The complaint involved supporters of the District Attorney.

The matter in question was written about in a story published here back in May.

The stunned attorneys eventually met with Third District Supervisor Neil Derry.

Now someone has finally intervened.

The issue? Bail Bond agents, who are political supporters of Ramos, were violating state law by improperly soliciting business. The agents in question were using improper solicitation practices by having inmates inside of county jail facilities refer them business. Such practices usually lead to intimidation of arrestee’s and a cornering of the local bail bond surety market.

Now the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department and the State of California Department of Insurance have taken action.

Search warrants executed last Thursday at Bail Hotline Bail Bonds in Rancho Cucamonga is actually a Dba for McGuire Brothers Enterprises, Inc. located in Riverside.

McGuire is a strong supporter of Ramos.

The firm was previously located off Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino.

Here is the link to a story published in todays’ Inland Valley Daily Bulletin newspaper.