I would have missed this gem over the weekend, but a photo in a Sounthern California newspaper was the tip off.

This past weekend San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos rotated into the Presidency of the California District Attorneys Association (CDAA).

Yes, now the CDAA is stuck with this man as their leader.

Ramos took the gavel at the groups conference in Monterey.

A special guest apparently made the rounds at the conference on Sunday.

The guest you ask? None other than Gubernatorial candidate Jerry Brown. (Attorney General in name only)

Consistent with Brown’s campaign tactics to date, he must have been pandering for support from the CDAA.

What’s interesting here? I’ve been told by CDAA members in our local area that the organization does not endorse in political races.

I looked at the CDAA website and found the following statement under the legislative advocacy section:

Please note: As a matter of policy, CDAA does not contribute to political campaigns, attend fund raisers or endorse candidates.

The big question here is, has anyone told Brown?

Can you say hilarious?