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D.C. Now
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July 6, 2010 | 1:01 pm

With the Justice Department filing suit against Arizona’s new law on immigration on Tuesday, the latest poll shows that Americans remain divided on whether the government should focus on halting the flow of illegal immigrants into the country or developing a plan to deal with those who are already in the U.S.

The Justice Department filed suit in Arizona, arguing that the law violates the federal government’s authority to establish policy on immigration. Technically, the federal government is seeking a preliminary injunction to prevent Arizona from enforcing the law when it goes into effect July 29.

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SacBee: Fiorina recovering after reconstructive surgery

Carly Fiorina

The latest on California politics and government
July 6, 2010

Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina is recovering today from her final reconstructive surgery related to her breast cancer treatment, according to a statement from her campaign.

“A quick recovery is expected, and Carly is looking forward to being back on the campaign trail in a matter of days,” chief of staff Deborah Bowker said in a statement.

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LATimes: Billionaires for Meg

On politics in the Golden State

July 6, 2010 | 2:05 pm

Meg Whitman is a billionaire who has poured $91 million of her own money into her bid for governor — but the former EBay executive is also raising loads of money from others.

On Saturday, the Republican nominee reported more than $1.65 million in new donations from many of California’s leading business executives. Five of her recent donors have been on Forbes magazine’s past list of the state’s billionaires.

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Senator Barbara Boxer

Capitol Alert
The latest on California politics and government
July 6, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO — Ordinarily, a Democrat might kick off a campaign tour in the idyllic Presidio park using eucalyptus and pine trees as an environmental backdrop, away from the bustling freeway.

But in the midst of high unemployment, Sen. Barbara Boxer chose the Doyle Drive roadway as the visual to launch her two-day “Jobs for California” tour. “Jobs” is the buzzword of the 2010 election cycle, and politicians from the State Capitol to Capitol Hill have used it incessantly.

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While Rancho Cucamonga City Councilman and former San Bernardino County Assessor’s Office Inter-Governmental Affairs Officer Rex Gutierrez was allegedly doing city work on county time and county work on city time, what was our favorite San Bernardino County District Attorney Mike Ramos doing?

Well he had his own version of “inter-governmental affairs” on his mind. Yep, that’s right. He was busy with affairs for sure. You know the kind-fornication, copulation, making whoopee-not with the wife he tells these women he is divorcing, but with his subordinates.

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iePolitics: ARMC: Another Blatant Violation

Written by Administrator
July 6th, 2010 at 1:28 am

In writing this series about corruption at San Bernardino County’s only county-operated hospital, Arrowhead Regional Medical Center (ARMC), there was one thing I could never understand about the situation and that is why does ARMC contract out over $28 million in services every other year but is not required to go through the RFP process even though many of these contracts are for a million dollars or more, well above the statutory limit for no-bid contracts. So I asked an expert and here is his answer:

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DailyBulletin: Rancho Cucamonga readies for budget cuts

Officials watch Sacramento for more takeaways
Wendy Leung, Staff Writer
Created: 07/05/2010 09:00:19 PM PDT

RANCHO CUCAMONGA – Three weeks after the city passed a $91.8 million budget, city leaders approved a number of measures to address recent budgetary changes, which include a $1.4 million hit due to the outcome of the San Bernardino County sheriff’s contract negotiations.

Last week, the City Council approved the allocation of $150,000 in law enforcement reserves to facilitate schedule changes proposed by the Sheriff’s Department. City leaders also directed staff members to draft a contingency plan to prepare for possible loss of redevelopment funds and to strengthen funding for employees pension reserves.

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SBSun: Redlands police take a big hit

Budget woes force layoffs, cutbacks
Jesse B. Gill, Staff Writer
Posted: 07/05/2010 08:06:23 PM PDT

REDLANDS – The Police Department fared worse than other city departments in a series of job cuts and layoffs.

However, they refuse to take it lying down.

The Police Department eliminated a total of 21 jobs – including 15 through layoffs.

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RivPE: Redlands eyes fee increases to boost city revenue

10:00 PM PDT on Monday, July 5, 2010

The Press-Enterprise

Fees for services provided by the city of Redlands — from animal adoptions to building permits — likely will be going up in the next few months.

The issue of fee increases came up in June, during a long series of budget meetings, when the City Council narrowed the deficit from almost $9 million to about $877,000.

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RivPE: Cassie MacDuff: Retooling S.B. County

10:00 PM PDT on Monday, July 5, 2010

Cassie MacDuff

San Bernardino County administrator Greg Devereaux continues to put his imprint on the county government.

Devereaux announced last week that he’ll move at least nine Board of Supervisors staff members under his office, where they will serve the supervisors but report to him.

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Liset Marquez, Staff Writer
Created: 07/05/2010 08:06:26 PM PDT

ONTARIO – Time has mended the once rocky relationship Mayor Paul Leon had with Councilmen Alan Wapner and Jim Bowman.

What once was a visible rift between the council members and the mayor has turned into a professional, working relationship.

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SBSun: Woods hoping for upset in 59th District

Newcomer enters race

James Rufus Koren, Staff Writer
Posted: 07/05/2010 09:58:31 PM PDT

If an unpredictable political climate can help a political newcomer beat more established and better-funded candidates, why can’t it also help a Democrat get elected in a traditionally Republican district?

That’s the question at the heart of Democrat Darcel Woods’ candidacy for the 59th District State Assembly seat.

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SBSun: Fontana officials back redevelopment agencies

Touting their value

Josh Dulaney, Staff Writer
Posted: 07/05/2010 07:02:52 AM PDT

FONTANA – Despite criticism from some that redevelopment agencies are little more than corporate welfare centers for well-connected developers, city officials are quick to tout their value, especially when their’s is among the wealthiest in the state.

“For this community, it is our primary tool to create jobs, build infrastructure and to bring growth to the area,” City Manager Ken Hunt said.

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SacBee: BOE won’t boost local government allocations

By Mark Glover The Sacramento Bee
Published: Tuesday, Jul. 6, 2010 – 12:00 am | Page 5B
Last Modified: Tuesday, Jul. 6, 2010 – 8:17 am

The California State Board of Equalization said that June sales tax allocations to local governments will not increase by a previously anticipated 5.7 percent due to a 3.53 percent decline in cash receipts in the second quarter compared with last year.

BOE said an analysis of second quarter 2010 data – including cash receipts amassed in April – prompted it to “proceed without an increase to local jurisdictions.”

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California Watch
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Money and Politics

California WatchBlog

July 6, 2010 | Timothy Sandoval

In her campaign to become California’s next attorney general, Democratic candidate Kamala Harris may be facing a big blue wall.

Few endorsements are more coveted by politicians than those from police and law enforcement groups. But they are particularly important in the attorney general race between Harris and her GOP opponent, Steve Cooley, the district attorney of Los Angeles.

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