Sources inside the San Bernardino County’s District Attorney and County Administrative Offices are quietly confirming the cost of DA Mike Ramos’ alleged corruption investigations involving multiple individuals has exceeded $5 million.

A huge taxpayer price tag for Ramos’ reelection showcase and political vendetta.

The nearly three years of investigations and resulting prosecution cases have spared no expense, with as many as 8 investigators and two prosecutors, working on the cases. The amount excludes any expenditures by the State Attorney General.

Investigators have reportedly blown through overtime like kids running through a candy store.

District Attorney sources tell InlandPolitics.com that investigators even went on a trek to Idaho to visit the home of Bill Postmus Sr., the former county Assessor’s father. The visit to Postmus’ residence was unannounced and Mr. Postmus threw the investigators off his property.

A big waste of taxpayer dollars.

County supervisors, who are stilled described as being “scared” of Ramos haven’t flinched over the cost of Ramos’ politically motivated witch hunts. Supervisors even recently lightened their stance on cutting Ramos’ budget for the new fiscal year that commenced on July 1.

So far the millions of dollars spent has garnered the dismissal of one charge and a mistrial related to one defendant.

The aforementioned millions follow the expenditure of $140,000 for a botched investigation into Ramos’ relationship with, and treated of an employee under his command, plus more than $300,000 to defend and settle a federal lawsuit filed by a prosecutor Ramos illegally fired as political retaliation.

It’s time some serious questions are asked here.

Apparently the cost of servicing Ramos’ ego knows no bounds.