Breaking news here. The jury in the Rex Gutierrez trial didn’t believe key prosecution witness Adam Aleman.

Wow, no kidding.

The following quote from a Sun newspaper article just published says it all.

San Bernardino resident Ryan Johns, the lone male juror, said about 90-percent of the jury didn’t believe the testimony of the prosecution’s key witness, former assistant assessor Adam Aleman, who struck a plea bargain with prosecutors to testify against his former colleagues in exchange for a lighter sentence.”

What a refreshing observation of a person who has wrecked the lives of so many people with his lies and exaggerations.

Aleman is the key witness in every case brought forward by District Attorney Michael A. Ramos.

Now Attorney General Jerry Brown is ball and chained to a nightmare that may take him down in his bid for Governor. Ramos, who was reelected on June 8th probably could care less.

You can bet Republican Meg Whitman is taking notes.