Sources tell that Matt Brown, chief of staff for county supervisor Paul Biane has been offered a position with Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector Larry Walker.

But it seems Brown is balking at taking the job.

It seems the alleged cooperating witness for the District Attorney wants his lawyer Sanford Kassel paid. Can you say pathetic?

So let’s recap what’s happened here.

Brown gives testimony and interviews to law enforcement. Presumably testimony his boss, supervisor Paul Biane, may not particularly care for.

Brown inexplicably comes out of the wood-work with attorney Kassel. The same attorney retained by dismissed county administrative officer Mark Uffer.

Brown claims he is being threatened and intimidated by persons in and outside of county government.

Brown is placed on paid administrative leave pending an investigation into his allegations.

Brown wants new position away from Biane.

Brown wants lawyer bill paid by county.

Can you say Priceless?????

So much for getting led by the nose by Uffer.

What happens if Biane isn’t reelected? Does Brown go out the door as if he were chief of staff. Brown always made it clear he wanted to stay employed by the county when Biane left. Now it looks like Brown’s manevering to get his way.

It’ll be interesting to see if he retains his same compensation package.

One things for certain. Larry Walker must be thrilled…….