Meg Whitman

By David Siders
Published: Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2010 – 12:37 pm
Last Modified: Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2010 – 2:18 pm

Republican gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman told a small crowd at a motorcycle dealership in Roseville this morning that her opponent, Democratic nominee Jerry Brown, is a failed politician and that she is the candidate who could create jobs and make government more efficient and accommodating of business.

“I know how to balance a budget,” the former eBay CEO said. “I know how to create jobs.”

Whitman spoke inside the dealership in front of 12 motorcycles on risers, flanked by Roseville Yamaha employees and two signs that said, “Jobs are on the way.”

Whitman called small business the “backbone” of California, and she said businesses are hurt by excessive taxation and regulation.

“We have got to make this a better and easier place for small businesses to do business,” she said.

Whitman said it is not often that she speaks in front of a bank of motorcycles. She called it “pretty cool.”

Brown has challenged Whitman to face him in ten debates, and she has accepted one. She said she will consider the others.

“I think the people of California will have the starkest choice they have ever had, between me and Jerry Brown,” she said.

About 70 people attended, listening to country music before Whitman arrived. Before speaking, she talked with dealership owner Sean Coplen, saying she might be in the market for a four-wheeler.

Coplen said he saw friends, family members and employees in the audience and that they are all concerned about the state of California.

“Meg is focused on the core issues that we need to address as a state, and that is putting people back to work,” he said.

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