Speak of being bent over. Go ask San Bernardino County Public Attorneys Association members.

This attorneys group primarily represents county prosecutors and defense attorneys.

Like a bunch of lap dogs, the group ran out and voted through a labor contract modifcation with San Bernardino County, which effectively cancelled ongoing cost of living adjustments.

The big question is; in exchange for what?

The bargaining unit representing another group of District Attorney employees, the investigators, rejected a similar concession proposal. The investigators, who belong to the Safety Unit, will now get a big fat 7% raise this month.

Yes, the Safety Unit, represented by the San Bernardino County Safety Employees’ Benefit Association (SEBA) rejected their proposal.

What’s troubling is District Attorney Mike Ramos is going to take out the bulk of his budget cuts on his prosecutors, while leaving his own personal police force known as the Bureau of Investigation, mostly untouched.

Can you say duped?