The one interesting result from yesterday’s election creating a buzz is the ballot performance of San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos.

Ramos ran for reelection on a corruption fighting platform. He ran against two relatively unknown candidates who enjoyed little or no financial resources.

The result? Ramos woefully underperformed every other county-wide incumbent.

Here is the percentage and number of votes received by each successful county-wide candidate.


Office                          Candidate               Pct %    Votes-
Assessor-Recorder               Dennis Draeger          73.25    95,129
Auditor-Recorder-Treasurer      Larry Walker            70.97    94,242
Sheriff-Coroner-Public Admin    Rod Hoops*              66.72    88,021
Superintendent of Schools       Gary Thomas*            60.27    78,828
District Attorney               Michael Ramos*          53.72    72,387
* Field consisted of three candidates

The result speaks volumes about the District Attorney. The public has a way of cutting through the crap and seeing the truth. Ramos has more to worry about than his reelection and poor showing. He knows the things he has done and will ultimately be held accountable.

One fact is obvious here. A minimally-funded candidate in a head to head match-up would have defeated Ramos and he pulled no punches in dissuading and intimidating potential candidates and their donors.

Ramos claims his poor showing was a result of his corruption investigation. What is that a joke?

I submit that his poor showing was because of his own conduct and the idea that people can see the truth of what’s happening here.

Ramos has caught the attention of others, and now that he isn’t involved in reelection activity, will likely have a very uncomfortable summer and fall.

One thing is for sure. Ramos is far from being popular in San Bernardino County.