Steve Poizner

By PE News
on June 5, 2010 6:01 PM

About 50 people gathered for a town hall meeting Saturday afternoon to hear underdog candidate for California governor Steve Poizner rehearse his hopes to curb illegal immigration and lure business to California by slashing taxes.

In between explaining his plans to revitalize the state’s beleaguered economy, Poizner took swings at opponent Meg Whitman. He repeatedly questioned Whitman’s motives for spending more than $100 million to date on her campaign – a new national record for a gubernatorial Republican primary, he said.

“It’s four times more than what I’ve spent in this Republican primary, it’s an obscene amount of money to be spending in the middle of this recession,” Poizner said, standing against a backdrop stamped with slogans of “No Amnesty. Stop Ilegal Immigration” and “Protect Prop. 13.” Poiznor downplayed Whitman’s lead in recent polls.

“This is a slugfest no question about it.”

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