Expect all county-wide officials to be either elected or reelected on June 8th.

Most of San Bernardino County’s elected or appointed incumbents had to run at least a basic campaign this year. Something that is healthy.

Appointed incumbents, Sheriff-Coroner Rod Hoops and Assessor-Recorder Dennis Draeger will easily win their first elections. Elected incumbents District Attorney Mike Ramos and Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector Larry Walker will each secure a new term.

Out of all the candidates only Ramos has endured a somewhat bumpy road. A road likely to become even more tumultuous after he secures his third term.

It’s best that the District Attorney secures reelection in June, not November.

However, none of the incumbents faced any funded challenger.

One silver lining in all the primary victories? County costs are reduced in the General Election.