Carly Fiorina



With 10 days to go before Republicans go to the polls to decide who they want to face Sen. Barbara Boxer this fall Carly Fiorina’s personal contribution of $5.5 million has made the money difference in this campaign.

According to the last financial report the candidates will file before the June 8 primary, Fiorina has spent $4.2 million so far while Tom Campbell has spent $1.1 million and Chuck DeVore has spent $648,010.

The Federal Elections Commission financial report covers spending through May 19. Since that report Fiorina has put another $1.9 million of her own money into the race, bringing her total investment to $5.5 million.

In this last reporting period – March 31 to May 19 – Campbell has actually outraised Fiorina among donors. He raised $985,262 while Fiorina netted $889,163. DeVore raised $512,823. Over the life of the campaign Fiorina has raised about $1 million more than Campbell and $1.4 million more than DeVore.

All of this matters because down the stretch how much money the candidates have to spent will determine how much television time they will be able to buy. Polls show that more than a third of the GOP electorate is undecided in this race so all three need to get their messages out.

“We’re continuing to raise money as fast as we can,” said Campbell strategist Jamie Fisfis. And as soon as that money is raised it’s going out the door to media buys.

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