Two-time political loser and perennial candidate Mike Morrell is once again showing how desperate he is to win an important public office.

While most candidates in the race for the open AD 63 seat (Republican-Emmerson) have kept the race clean from attacks and focused on the issues, perennial candidate and sub-prime mortgage broker Mike Morrell is resorting to misleading and dishonest attacks against not one, not two, but three of his Republican opponents.

Today, Morrell’s campaign unleashed an untrue and vicious mailer against local elected Republican leaders. Their sin? Being a part-time elected public servant in service to the GOP.

He attacks all three for being “politicians.” Funny Mike. Apparently in Morrell’s twisted head, a twice-failed political wanna-be who has built a career engaged in shady mortgage lending practices is more worthy of election than proven local Republican leaders.

Sub-prime lender Mike Morrell even has the gall to attack the highest ranking elected African-American Republican leader in the Inland Valley for allegedly being weak on illegal immigration.

Talk about a subtle hint at racism Mike. Geez. About as subtle as a two-by-four across the head.

Those who are following Mike Morrell’s campaign shouldn’t be surprised at Morrell’s negative tone in the closing days of the race. Morrell hired Washington, DC political consultants who are at the heart of the Jack Abramoff scandal to guide his third try for elected office. Morrell’s chief strategist, Jason Roe, was so connected to DC scandal that Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign gave him the sack after less than two months on the job.

Roe may have been unwelcome in Boston for Mitt, but Mike Morrell has no problem associating himself with this shady character in the Inland Empire.

As there are several qualified candidates running for the 63rd Assembly District, it is a shame Morrell launches blatantly dishonest attacks against all of his Republican rivals.

Fortunately, voters have several mature and proven conservative options to choose from instead of Mike Morrell, who is proving to be just another -dare I say – politician who will stoop to any low, hire any scandal-tatinted consultant, to win an election.

One of those better options is a candidate whom Mike didn’t attack – Navy veteran Paul Chabot.

Shame on you Mike. The people deserve better.