The small efforts deployed against San Bernardino County District Attorney Michael Ramos might be somewhat comical, but that’s about it.

The two term incumbent DA is on a sure path to reelection in a little more than two weeks. The two attorneys in the race, Frank Guzman and Bob Conaway, lack ability to raise the necessary funding for a successful candidacy.

Ramos effectively dissuaded any serious contenders from coming forward and challenge him.

It’s interesting though that someone appears to be taking a few lightweight shots at Ramos. Anyone with decent political skills is well aware that it’s money down the drain. Plus Ramos’ knack for retaliation is well known. So someone apparently wants a bulls-eye on their forehead.

Last Friday a soft hit against the DA showed up in a voter guide sponsored by conservative republican activist Lew Uhler and his Orange County -based National Tax Limitation Committee.

A move to have little effect. I actually missed it until someone pointed it out.

Now this week we have been treated to anti-Ramos signs which have been cropping up all of the West Valley region of the county. Signs that make light of Ramos’ womanizing tendencies.

The voter guide slot appears to have been done at the committee’s behest, and not funded by an outside source.

However the origin of the signs remains a mystery.

There is no identifying source on the signs as required by state law.

I’ve made several inquiries in an effort to learn the who put up the signs, but everyone is asking the same question, including developer Jeff Burum.

One plausible explanation being presented is Ramos’ own consultant, Orange County-based David Ellis. Ellis could be orchestrating the activity as a means to an end.

First and foremost, if Ellis can convince Ramos his reelection isn’t completely secure, Ramos will spend more of his war-chest, thus generating more direct mail, and most importantly more dough for Ellis.

And everyone who knows Ellis knows his three best friends in the universe are Franklin, Grant, and Jackson.

Secondly, what better way to project that Ramos is under attack from his political enemies. The concept could garner a small crumb of sympathy on one hand, and paint a picture to other interested agencies that his political prosecutions are really legitimate and the phony attack is from his targets.

Interesting to say the least……